Essentials for decorating a cake

Baking is always fun and needs some creativity to work it. I always enjoy baking beautiful cakes at home. Had attended cake decorating classes a few years back and now I find it getting evolved on me almost therapeutic.. I have made countless birthday cakes by now.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while decorating a cake or even making one. These are very basic but go a long way to get a good cake in shape. One of them is the good icing. I think icing is the most important part of decorating a cake. It has to be of the right consistency, too thin and it will not make the desired look and feel of the design and too thick and it will not spread finely and evenly. According to the design of the cake we have to match the consistency of the icing. There are some patterns which look beautiful and rich with thin consistency and there would be other designs like floral designs and flowers which need a thicker consistency to hold up the design.

The other thing that comes to my mind while decorating a cake would the positioning of the decorating bag when you hold it. In some cases you want to hold it upright while some of it requires it to tilt a little at around 45 degrees. The angle and the positioning makes a good difference in decorations. A line going out of a bag will look entirely different when it is positioned differently.

Sometimes you require thick lines out of the decorator’s bag so you have to apply more pressure to the bag. When you want to work on delicate designs which need a thin decorating line you have to hold it light putting pressure only when required. All this comes naturally with a little experience. Cake decorating is an art but its also a science that requires simple techniques.